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Hi my name is Lorne and this is my piece of internet space. I'm 21 years old and identify as queer. Here you'll find music, art, photographs and writing, with some NSFW content. If you'd like to talk or say hello, my inbox is always open.
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17 April


Hello, I’m an 18 year old trans girl from Bay Ridge and I’m being kicked out by my family and I have until the end of the month to pack my bags and go. I’m looking for a place to stay temporarily, anywhere in New York, for 1-2 weeks; 3 weeks at most. Preferably somewhere close to public transit because I don’t have a car. I don’t have a job so I can’t pay rent, but I can help out with chores, keep your place clean, cook, and do your groceries. I’m a very tidy and quiet person and I can be good company. I don’t smoke, drink or do any drugs. I’m okay with pets and I don’t have any allergies. My number is 347-587-9712 

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17 April


Taylor Curry


These images were created by photographer Taylor Curry without a camera, using a process known as Cliché-Verre.

“The Cliche-Verre, to me, is quite literally Nature as the Negative. The items are placed directly onto a 4×5 or 8×10 glass plate. Using the color enlarger, I project the specimen onto 8×10 color film, RA-4 Color paper or Polaroid film capturing the image.


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17 April



when yonce turns into partition


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17 April


Today was basically amazing. I love this city. The atmosphere is incredible and the aura laid between brick and mortar preserves it so brazenly. It is so fearless there. So spit-in-your-face and fuck-you-but-i-love-you in its attitude. Toronto, I’m going to make you my home soon. I promise.

Still not over it.

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17 April


It leaves everyone who says it filthy.
It is born with bloody knuckles, and strikes
the jaw consistently without missing.
I remember the first time it was thrown in my direction. 
I was standing in the playground,
waiting for my turn on the swings. I was 7.
Move, faggot.” 

The boy who kept clean at recess. 
The boy unwilling to scrape his knees
in the pursuit of bloodlust. 
The boy who grew up denying everything. 
The boy who scraped his knees while pleasing 
those who dare not speak of sleepover games. 
The boy who grew up proving them right.

And is that all I am to them, 
A man who waits for his turn at the stake? 

It’s just a word,
There is only power if you instill power in it. 
Just a word that sullies everyone who speaks of it.
A word that reminds me every time it’s spoken
That I am less than the common man.
I am just this jagged noun, 
Reduced from flesh, bone and soul
To a mere pile of kindling laid at my own feet.
I become the killing tool. 

Intrinsic to my existence. 
Faggot. Don’t get so mad, bro. 
Faggot, suck my dick.
Faggot, I know you like it.
Faggot, don’t deny it.
Faggot, I’m not gay bro.
Faggot, it’s just a word.
Faggot, you need to learn your place
among the real men.

So tell me to be okay with it again.
Tell me that vocabulary changes
As if definition
No longer fits the syntax.
Tell me like I don’t know that.
Tell me I should just be cool with it.
Tell me that I make too big of deal about it,
That I don’t deserve to be angry 
When every time it is thrown at me, 
It breaks into twigs at my feet.

I tell you that you hold the match, because that is the truth.
You hold the match and strike it when things get hard for you.
And even if I learn to hold my tongue, I am still wrong.
I am gasoline by just existing.

The fire is still blazing hot and angry in the mouth.
It transmutes the tongue into a weapon.
The word has no room for love
When it assigns men like me a property value.  

Fags burn fags until you breed none of them.

— Someone Said This To Me Today and This Is My Response (Lorne Ryan)

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17 April

All of the girls in HAIM look like Leelee Sobieski

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17 April


Sketches From Life, Julia Yellow

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Missing your dick

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